Reprisals of Radoslav Piovarči’s works

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The original artistic work of Radoslav Piovarči (TRAKT) will be presented in the period from August 2022 to June 2023. The productions CHARON and JUST ASK HER. will be presented successively on the territory of the Slovak Republic.


17 Aug 2022 at the festival Tanečnô in Námestovo

15. 11. 2022 at MOVE Ostrava, Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava.


7 Sep 2022 Prešov, in cooperation with Wave, Regional Museum Prešov

18. 11. 2022 ART GANG, Studio of Dance Theatre, Banská Bystrica

April 2023, Bratislava (planned performance)

July 2023, Košice (planned performance)

The project focuses on the presentation of Radoslav Piovarči’s authorial productions in the district towns, but also in the villages. The productions use the language of contemporary dance, but above all they reflect essential themes such as gender equality, moral attitude to death and active survival. The works were created in complicated years – Charon 2021, JUST ASk HER. 2022, when interest in culture was declining, but there was nevertheless great interest and demand for attendance of the productions.With the support of the Arts Support Fund, as well as its own resources, more than 15 performances have been staged in recent years.

After this experience of presenting works in different spaces where contemporary dance had no place until then, we know how beneficial it was for the public to see other art forms they had not encountered before. With more contemporary art on offer, there is also a greater demand for a cultural experience. With the new production JUST ASK HER, the project would have the opportunity to build on and continue the active work of Radoslav Piovarči (TRAKT) in the regions of Slovakia.Interaction with the public, as well as a form of provocation, are the reasons for stepping out of our comfort zone of technically equipped theatres. The aim of the project is to reprise each work in as many performances as possible, in the regional context of the Slovak Republic.

We cordially invite the audience to all the reprises, which I will inform you about on FACEBOOK and on the web

Supported from public funds by the Fund for the Support of the Arts.