Culture for the Valley

Castle Walls
Cursed master of Váh and the Tatras
Date: 28/08/2021 - 28/08/2021
Year: 2021
City: Demänovska dolina
Tags: contemporary dance , ecology , open air , theater
Theatre Poton
Private: Radoslav Piovarči
Pre Dolinu
Ivana Mer

When you hear someone mention valley Demänovská dolina, most of us imagine a symbol of tourism, sport and beautiful nature. Unfortunately, valley Demänovská dolina has now also become a symbol of uncontrolled intervention into the nature. Culture for the valley is an event which opens its doors on the 28th of August 2021 at 6 PM until 10 PM to everyone whose incentive is to visit this beautiful valley and its nature – in a civilized way. This event does not stand for an attraction of fast experience but it is rather a magical moment where you can enjoy sitting down on the field in the company of your family and friends. Dance, theater and music performed by Slovak artists of the highest quality will also make you a company. The important thing is to bring a mat to sit down and enjoy the art in the heart of the nature of valley Demänovská dolina.

No refreshments will be offered during the event and in order to keep the surrounding nature clean it will be imperative to follow the rules set by the organizer. Culture and nature have a lot in common. They should be available to everyone, a tourist with an artist and a skier can squeeze in, maybe even together with a sensitive and civilized developer who directs his/her activities towards a tolerable framework bounded by the public interest.

6PM Dance production CHARON (Šmatláková, Paľko, Piovarči)

7PM Reading of a text about the relationship between humans, culture and the nature

7:30PM Solo concert – Ivana Mer

8:30PM Scenic essay entitled Pastierska Symfónia (Shepherd Symphony) (Potôň Theater)