Hidden Paintings – Nuit Blanche

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Young art show 10

Hidden Paintings is an interactive light installation on the façade of the Nedbalka Gallery in Bratislava. The premiere was on October 7, 2017 during the Nuit Blanche 2017 in Bratislava. It is to expose the exhibited paintings of the 2017 (VUB Foundation) by an interactive light spray. Viewers – The wide public got a unique opportunity to uncover the paintings right on the facade of the NEDBALKA Gallery. Using spray and jet presses (spraying), they were gradually displayed – they uncovered the digitized large-format paintings, which the viewers had the opportunity to see in the gallery gallery. The audience’s hand draws the authentic sound of the spraying spray. Digital painting and its temporality make it a metaphor for the authenticity of a real artifact – painting. The project’s authors are Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT) and Pavol Soukal (TRAKT). Photographs Lukáš Matejka and Michal Svitok.