French Film Festival Trencin

Workshop W1

French Film Festival – the biennial event is one of the results of the well-established friendship and partnership between the cities of Trencin and Cran-Gevrier since 1992. In addition to the film festival partner cities regularly exchange not only their culture, but also made a variety of exchanges aimed at both general and specific issues in the field of urban planning, interesting questions in the field of public administration, civil democracy, the third sector, to meet jointly organized professional conferences, and productive cooperation of schools, especially Gymnasium Ľ. Stur and Lycée Charles Beaudelaira. Event of the year is always a film festival that takes place in a reciprocal Cran-Gevrier (Festival of Slovak films, respectively european) and Trencin (French Film Festival).

French Film Festival in Trencin is the only festival promoting the purely French cinema in Slovakia. It does not attempt to compete with Bratislava’s Francophone Film Festival and his film production dramaturgy representing different cinema francophone origin. It wants to go before its amendment to a separate, distinctive atmosphere and dramaturgy, to which gradually restructures. The aim of the organizers is to give viewers the highest quality film production made by French filmmakers in the friendly environment of Metro cinema art-related events and interesting chamber or the nature of the club, which will be present during the festival city center.

Over the past seven editions in Trencin (the first was held in 1996), almost 18,000 spectators viewed over 133 performances on 88 films together. Approximately 160 representatives of Cran-Gevrier visited Trencin, the French Embassy in Slovakia, various associations and artists. In addition, French Film Festival also explored 11 exhibitions, screenings of videos and animated films, theatrical performances and musical groups.