Brno Museum Night

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Life is not a zebra

Brno revived during the Brno Museum Night 16. 5. 2015 TRAKT prepared by the Technical Museum in Brno two projects. Projections of contemporary Slovak video art student from 18:00 to midnight and the audience had an opportunity to become familiar with clock-section of creative videos of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica and the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University Kosice. The second project titled Audio Step demonstrated interactivity – movement – touch and sound. Visitors interactive touch and your movement they trigger sounds and noises. Small and great accounted interesting acoustic “works”.

Magic May Saturday, which invites all those interested in history, technology, art, traditions, monuments of cultural and natural heritage that according to their interest either released into the distant past of humanity and Earth itself, or granted access to the worlds naked eye invisible, or they are tuning in the language of art, much different from the normal vehicular methods capable to convey the impressions and knowledge so subtle that in the haste of everyday life remain easily neglected. That’s all offers museums, their collections, expositions and exhibitions. Some are more than a century of tradition, another has opened in a brand new or innovative form as during the past year. About all not true that they are available for five or more days a week and patiently waiting for its visitors. But once a year celebrate their own holiday, International Museum Day (May 18th), and it is a good reason to step out of the shadows and made it to recall – we are here for everyone, protecting the collections which make up a mass memory of humanity gaining their investigations, new knowledge from which to create engaging stories of our exhibitions and expositions. If you are curious and fun to meet you new things, but also to meet people who are like-minded and want to share with others, accept our invitation! Certainly discover something new, even if it does not change the essential: Gates museums, galleries and many other cultural centers in Brno and its surroundings are people of all ages opens wide open at the time of the sixth hour of the evening until midnight. Visit their exposures and various programs offer either totally free or for a token fee. In distant places you comfortable and free transport bus Transport Company in Brno at the museum’s special – Nightline. Let yourself be enchanted, do not be afraid to dream, make you happy. We look forward to you and wish you a good night of Brno Museum Night.