Extensions of projection mapping

Clip Clap – White Night 2018
Creative workshops

Projection mapping screening on the Piarist Church in Trenčín brings together various approaches by several young authors. Videomapping transitions reflect current trends in new media art abroad. Young artists created an almost 7 minute sequence of interactive overlay and timer. They worked together from August to October 2018 almost exclusively online. The final realization was prepared for the deadline of October 5, 2018, after dark (from 19-22 am). It was an unprecedented 3-hour experience for the city, which was reflected both in place and later in the feedback from the audience. In any case, this is a pilot project that can be directly pursued in the future, ideally in close cooperation with the city, whether in the form of promotion – linking with other cultural and urban events or other related areas. The projection was good, its 7-minute length was greatly appreciated, with a lot of random passers-by-spectators, which was our goal. The projection could be seen approximately by 400-500 people. The precise numbers are difficult to document because this “performance” was not limited by any number of “chairs”, and many people have seen the overlapping videos several times. In this respect, however, we can also see some reserves and we think that it is possible to attract much more people into the streets of the city to see a similar artistic act. Positive feedbacks from the viewers, mostly from those who had seen the video documentation on the internet, caused that many people regretted not having come to Mierové Square and not having seen the project with their own eyes. Certainly, the recording was great. However, if the viewer experienced the unforgettable atmosphere of the genius of the city, s/he was leaving with a great experience. The overlays of the video-mapping in their concept worked with overlaying in literal and conveyed meaning at multiple levels. The overlay was already in the very essence, where we try to engage in collaboration the young people who devote themselves to digital art. In total, 5 authors participated in the work, led by Mgr. art. Lukáš Matejku, ArtD. The overlay was also part of the projection itself, with each author putting his own insight and their formal approach into the work.

We can see the possibilities for continuation in several levels, we would certainly like to repeat this pilot mapping action on a larger scale – in several Trenčín localities, not only as regards the number of viewers but also on the length of the projection or other aspects. Plans and options are innumerable, and with sufficient support from the city, grant systems and other institutions, there is certainly room for new realizations and other similar art projects in the future.

About the theme: The central theme is “Presah”. This topic can be understood in different ways. They can be applied formally as overlapping principles, e.g. use of geometry, overlaps of different shapes, structures, overlaps of contrasts … Most importantly, however, the topic can be conceived as a concept. Presah means going beyond any limitation, whether physical or spiritual, or virtual. Presah can be understood as a violation of state borders (at present resonates, for example, the theme of 68’ and the troops’ invasion of territory of the then CSSR) or the theme of refugees. Presah can be understood as overcoming limits – own, sport limits… Expansion in the sense of ethnic or cultural differences or simply as a certain deviation from the stereotype.

Translated: Jana Stupňanová