Creative workshops

Extensions of projection mapping
Do not compare, enjoy

Creative workshops reflect current trends in the culture of new media art and digital art. In the local context, they significantly support the development of creativity and the creative potential of Trenčín’s youth. At the same time, the project helps to improve the personal competencies of young people in their work life. It helps to overcome barriers in both creative and collaborative creative research and experiments through “technology and software games”. That all was performed for a period of four days (2×2 format) under the conception and supervision of professional lecturers and artists.

The lecturer of the first series of workshops with the topic of VJ was Ľubomír Slovinsky. One week later,áš Matejka, ArtD (TRAKT), a lecturer, developed the topic of videomapping as a follow up to the workshops.

Translated: Jana Stupňanová