Competition of Photography and Film 2014

Fest Anca
About the Valentine, the water man

After year competition of photography and short films for students abroad with Slovak language of education took again place in Banská Bystrica. Winners were invated for 24th – 27th of June 2014. Children attended workshop of pixelation – stop motion during their stay in Slovakia. Also trip to village Spania Dolina situated in beautiful mountains. Jury – Lukas Matejka (head of jury), Matej Mazak and Martina Krcova; with organizer of the event Methodological centre UMB for Slovaks living abroad awarded winner. All registered photographies, short films and documentation of residence can be found at this link.

Whole world is build on contrasts, small or large differences, harmony or disharmony. Circle of life concludes all, from movement of our planet and universe.  There are so many wonderful things, moments, corners, colours. The world is full of all possible and impossible, what about we do not have a clue. It’s up to us noticing – what we see and what is not seen. On the other hand, that certain things we can not see and do not perceive is quite natural. If we had seen absolutely everything, we would probably be crazy. Therefore, just photograph and film production we can convey the beautiful world around us, to show us the diversity, things through photography and photographers opened many eyes. Most colorful in the competition are just different views of the world and they are amazing.

Children from Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine and Romania have given us Picture of place where they live, what they are interest in, what they like and how they see world around them.  But to push trigger is not enough.  They have to choose composition, work with light, … But their work is not finished still. It is necessary to make the right selection, which can be the key to seccess.

313 photos and 13 short movies was registred for the competition in 2014. This year was reflected  in significantly more advanced formation of children.