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The goal of the DUAL project is the long-term networking and mapping of young artists. The project emphasizes the minimalist interactive environment created specifically for the viewer of the net-art gallery.

The condition that a work must meet for networking is working with text. The text serves as a password for moving to the next part / author. In order for the viewer to move to the next part, he must describe the text from the work to the selected line on the web. The way the author processes this text is not restricted to the media, but must be legible to a visitor to this network. The text may also be the main theme of a work, but it is not a condition of being the sole and principal expression element. The author creates the text himself. The selection criterion is:

the quality of the work
the form of setting into the context of the online space
compliance with the technical requirements for the fulfillment of the project function

We welcome works of every genre and form (visual, audiovisual, audio, literary, painting, performance, choreography, recording, …) responding to the specifics of the Internet environment or current social themes or self-presentation. Welcome works are created directly for the exhibition project, but may also be an older work. The concept of an exhibition project is not otherwise thematically limited.

The gallery can be found at the link URL:

The project has an independent and non-commercial character.

The project was sponsored by the Slovak Arts Council.