Embroidered tower
Date: 25/11/2016 - 25/11/2016
Year: 2016
City: Trnava
Tags: art and technology , digital art , interactive art , projection , public space
Patrik Kubizna

A unique interactive project shrouded facade in the courtyard of the town hall in Trnava light, sound and abstract motifs of Christmas. Project Magic made by LAB prepared Filip Kmeť (TRAKT). An interactive “magic” projection it can be controlled without contact by moving only in the hands or fingers.

The project was launched on Friday 25 November at 17:00 hours (after dark) under the Christmas market in the courtyard of City Hall. Originally, the project to illuminate the front of the town hall but the plan was ultimately abandoned. Magic was not disturbed by light pollution and bustle of Christmas markets. Nevertheless, the Christmas markets are enriched and during one evening audience with a new dimension of enjoyment. Those who wandered into the courtyard, experienced the contemporary interactive art in public space.

Video and photo documentation of the project was made by Patrik Kubizna (DUAL – TRAKT).