H&M Residence Prague

Beamvertising, Divadelna Nitra
H&M Residence Wroclaw

The second largest meeting of the project Hopes and Memories, with the participation of partners from all five participating countries (South Africa, France, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia) took a place in the third week of September (20 – 25.9) in Prague studios DIVUS SPACE, on the land of ours host partners Mamapapa.
During intense working week, partners reviewed and passed thought a variety of important – strategic part of a common project. Through the economic and conceptual part, they also continued in the dramaturgical placement, where they during three days built a solid groundwork for the following cooperative work.
Artists represented by directors (Laurent Festas / France a Themi Venuras / South Africa) music (Johan Farjot / France) set design and costumes (Tomas Zizka / Czech Republic) and visual artist (Lukas Matejka / Slovakia and Michael Bottková / Slovakia) developed a agreed together on the crucial structure and line for their multidisciplinary project , which they afterward presented to their partners from France (Musiques Interdites).
Participants also visited theatres and independent cultural spaces (MEETFACTORY) to have a chance in detail discovered locations and their possibilities for the final performance in Prague.