Night tour of Strečno Castle 2022
Beast Porto 2022
Date: 06/08/2022 - 03/09/2022
Year: 2022
City: Trencin
Tags: city park , concert , discussion , music , open air , public space , workshop coworking
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Trenčín 2026

The GARAGE: X Fest Art Opening / Divotvorba and Concerts in Garage / Rap in Garage project is coordinated by our member Patrik Kubizna on behalf of TRAKT and Trenčín 2026, who is assisting Yasmina Cabanova and Marek Niejadlik.

6.8.2022 (Saturday) Garage opening in the Park x Fest Art

Garage, an alternative space for culture, is moving to M.R. Štefánik Park. Come and experience the atmosphere of this place! First of all, the Fest Art group will take over the Garage and create a unique work of art with the musical accompaniment of DJs from the Face2bass crew and friends. Bands Random Choices and Charms’ detispolu with Matúš Oravec, JAAN and DJ Matwe will perform. Tamara Kramar is the main star of the opening night.

19.8.2022 (Friday) Divotvorba and concerts in Garage

Come and relax in the Garage on Friday. Divotvorba will feature author readings of both prose and poetry, with guest Shimpe Ondrus reading from his Dictionary of Alien Dreams. This will be followed by concerts by three artistic formations, each of which, though different, are united by their ability to mirror emotions and evoke dreamlike moods. Singer, musician and emerging composer Veronika Jarábková will stir our emotions with her unique vocals and piano. The instrumental Trenčín band Personal Spaces playing atmospheric post rock will christen their newly released EP Tiberghien.Video projection of their music will be accompanied by Analogrunner with Lara Aba Hamdan.

2.9.2022 (Friday) Rap in Garage

The rap evening in Garage will feature young names from the Trenčín rap scene, who will get a chance to promote their work. At the end of the show will be President Lourajder, a Slovak rapper and MC from Bratislava, one of the few representatives of the so-called alternative rap in our country. He will bring hip-hop hits with a classic sound and a reference to the 90s. He will also arrive with his prominent beatmaker Emil, with whom they will play a special set together with video projection. Electronic music producers DJ Goblin and Snowfake will round off this event. 

3.9.2022 (Saturday) PRIESTOR x Garage

Formaat – a project of Trenčín artists. Camera obscura Garage – transforming the Garage into a large working camera obscura, where the viewer can get acquainted with this old technology, where reality is projected onto the wall through a small hole in the wall. Art workshop – plein air contemporary art. Audiovisual workshop – the visitor can try interacting with contemporary audiovisual electronic technologies