Festival detí

2nd to 4th June 2016, the first edition of the multi-genre Children's Festival was held in Trenčín, whose central theme for this year became the film world. The supporting theme of the festival is to pay homage to Eduard Schreiber, who made the first Slovak film in the nearby town of Lednice Rovne 120 years ago. Viewers could enjoy cinematographic works through several film screenings at the Army House (ODA) and Artkine Metro. They have enjoyed internationally popular films such as Little Prince, as well as Slovak animated and short films designed for the child's viewer.

Kunsthalle Bratislava: Art in Public

Art in Public is the successful cycle of managed discussions by Nina Šošková. Introducing the activities of guests and organizations from the field of art and public art initiatives to spectators is the intension of the discussions. Presentation of TRAKT (Lukáš Matejka) and Koniarne / The Stable / (Branislav Zurko) took place on the 23rd November 2016 in the KLUB – Kunsthalle Bratislava.

A film evening with Marek Janičík

Audiences of Artkino Metro in Trenčín could see three films of young documentary filmmaker Marek Janičík (TRAKT) on 13 March 2016. He comes from Považská Bystrica, currently living in
Nová Dubnica. Marek Janičík presented two of his student films and a recent film portrait of an Olympic medal winner Janko Zachar. Janičík's films Sisyphus and Cinema World were awarded at several Slovak and foreign film festivals. He is currently working as a documentary filmmaker for Czech television and preparing a project for RTVS, which will be broadcast at the end of 2016.

Park camp

Members TRAKT Lukas Matejka and Stefan Oliš participated in Trebišov - Park Camp, organized by OZ Kontext (Peter Valiska-Timečko and Branislav Zurko), as a free continuation of the project from 2014 Light camp. Park Camp was held July 27-August 1 2015. The workshop was again focused on light as a medium and location Trebišov City Park. Works were mainly focused on the performative, visual and intermedia art in public spaces.

Interactivity in art and design

Interactivity in art and design is currently taking shape as a trendy thing. At the invitation MgA. Jakub Hrdina and MgA. Ondrej Puchta of Tomas Bata University in Zlín (Czech Republic) participated TRAKT by Mgr. art Lukas Matejka and Pavol Soukal a lecture on the subject. The lecture consisted in the first stage of selection realized interactive projects TRAKT. Followed by a presentation of international art projects and artists who use interactivity.

Inter intra

In the period 16 to 17 November 2014, held an informal conference of Inter Intra. Spaces Theatre Studio Theatre DRAK in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) served as a great place to "meeting" viacerích professionals, educators, theorists, and theater artists from the Czech Republic. TRAKT represented by Mgr. art. Lukas Matejka as the sole representative of the organization from Slovakia.

Life is not a zebra

Life is not a zebra is a new project being prepared by the Faculty of Social and Economic Relations at the Alexander Dubcek University in Trencin. Its concept is focused on preparation, promotion and implementation of a two-week exhibition of non-profit organizations around the Trenčín Region. The project is associated not only with the exhibition itself, but mainly with a variety of workshops and side events for both lay and for professionals.

Press conference Light and shadow

On June 12, 2015 was held a press conference for the event, which is dedicated to the International Year of Light and light-based technologies (UNO). Press conference was held in the meeting room historic Town Hall Square in Banská Bystrica. Events were presented:

Preparation volunteer center

In Trenčín July 23, 2015 the first meeting about the establishment of volunteer centers for Trencin. Representatives of non-profit organizations, civic associations, urban institutions and representatives of the Trenčín Region have a meeting set targets and plan how to prepare the ground for the establishment of volunteer centers in the Trenčín. TRAKT there was a representative, the secretary of the association, Stefan Olis.

Preparation of the conception for work with youth 2015 - 2021

The meeting about the conception for work with youth during years 2015-2021 took place at Gallery M. A. Bazovsky in Trenčín, June 25th 2015, focusing on editing  the documents pepared in May with a group of experts.  First document – SWOT – is an analysis of the work with young. Second document created the propositions for the conception of work with youth. The people at meeting were randomly divided into groups by 4.


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