Videoart match vol.5

Hour of Video Art
Workshop W1

Stefan Olis & Lukas Matejka, both curators, introduced the best student videos from the V4 countries (Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic) at the event called Videoart vol.5 match, which was held on 10.06.2010 in the informal premises / Culture park in Kosice. Videoart match vol.5 was opened by the invited guest Michal Murin (Head of Studio Digital Media, FVU, the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica). He introduced us Lukas Matejka and Stefan Olis as university students, with a focus on fine arts.

Curators presented themselves via the projection where they shown the video of students from different countries of V4. Moreover they explored the richness and variation of the presented videos

The authors showed to the audience a game with video, audio and animation. They defined a beauty in motion, motion in time to capture the world around them as they perceive it. They captured the moment and provide it to the observers so they could realize why the video makes sense as such to get to its core meaning.

Video and also sound makes sense and it got its point and despite of that, everything what people do there is very real. Authors of the videos demonstrated beauty that is perceived only through the moment because they possess it right there, what we could see from the very first moment. As a matter of fact we don’t see what they feel, what don’t know what they experienced, what they saw, and therefore they make these videos to show the original reality of oneself which could be seen only by the one, who experiences it. That’s the purpose of videos, so others can have a chance to possess the similar feelings as the narrator. The video is inspired by everything related to it and it shows its own image.

Video projection has been supplemented with the accompanying events such as interactive video developed by the student Beata Kolbasovska, from Košice FU TU. There was also Vonoboxs’ afterparty with DJs from Budapest, Hungary.

Video, photo, text, or even music becomes the art only in case when it is born for an exact purpose. Art is related to mindedness. So, when we realize the idea of video, photo or text within our heart we can start to call it the Art.

Anna Palascakova