Imaginary / Hoaxation

The person I want to resemble
Musicians and guests

The aim of the project called “IMAGINARY / HOAXATION” is to create an overlap of contemporary art disciplines and their interaction. It is an embodiment of the work into an urban interactive platform. Using visual impulses in conjunction with the cultural and historical center of Trenčín, our project will bring a new, attractive and innovative view of the city itself. With the help of artistic research, we want to uncover and decipher the HOAX (false message, which aims to favor a party). The project consists of overlaps in the following forms: 3D, ANIMATION, COMIX, DIGITAL ART, ART INTERACTION and ENHANCED REALITY.

The exact dates of the project will be revealed in October – November 2019.

The project is implemented thanks to the support from the City of Trenčín.