1. training and personal development of social competence

2. training and personal development of social skills
H&M Residence Budapest
Date: 12/06/2013 - 13/06/2013
Year: 2013
City: Bratislava
Tags: discussion , education , personal development , talk , youth
Denis Matúš
Lukáš Matejka
Nadácia deti Slovenska
Think Big

The gathering was performed on June 12th – June 13th. There were two participants from civil association TRAKT, Lukas Matejka and Denis Matus. This happening was a part of the project supported by O2 Telefonica called Think Big (Slovak beamvertising) . Two-day long training was developed in cooperation with the Foundation for the Children of Slovakia Foundation Ekopolis Association S. Kovalik – Education for the 21st century in Slovakia and O2. Training, which was focused on the development of social and personal skills, was held in Bratislava. There were 2 lecturers: Tatiana Piovarciova and Alena Matuskova. Participants of this training got to know each other so they can cooperate on the projects in the future. Furthermore, participants have become familiar with communication techniques, which were demonstrated in practical exercises. In each block of instruction we learned and tested differences between criticism and feedback, as well as to reflect the correct feedback, active listening and its components, motivation and communication, paraphrasing, summarizing, and much more. The most interesting thing observed by the TRAKT members was the idea of alternative education directed to children in elementary school. During the class break, they had the opportunity to look into this type of class and talk directly with school students and teachers. You can find more info about this education method here.