Opatovce nad Nitrou

The Upper Nitra Basin, which forms the basis of the Upper Nitra region, is a broken down stream on the upper Nitra River and consists of several valleys. From the sides it is bounded by the mountain range: in the north and north-east of Malá Fatra and Žiar, in the east Kremnické vrchy and Vtáčnik, in the south of the Tribeč mountain range, passing through the Brodziansko gate into the northern outpost of the Danube Lowland and the western part of the Strážovské vrchy with sections Nitric Hills Rokos) and Malá Magura. The Nitra River pramenca pod Reváňom (1204.6 m above sea level), which forms the main axis of the Prievidza district, forms almost the entire southeast border of the territory of Opatoviec nad Nitrou. From the nearby Bojníc separates the village Teplý Potok, which flows from the pond in the spa baths. In addition, two more streams flow from the watercourses across the longitudinal axis of the village.

23. April 2017

With the strand until the morning

The cultural house in Opatovce nad Nitrou has come to life with a ball. With the source up to the morning, such name has been the […]