Children’s Festival: Open Studio

Art in park
Date: 27/06/2017 - 27/06/2017
Year: 2017
City: Trencin
Tags: animation , children , education , festivals , movie projection , workshop coworking , youth
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The 2nd year of the Children’s Festival with the main theme “OPEN STUDIO” was held on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at the premises of KC Hviezda Trenčín on Tuesday morning. The Children’s Festival was held under the auspices of the vice-presidents of the town of Trenčín Ján Forgác and Patrik Žák. The focus of the festival was the film section for elementary schools focused on creative formal processing of short films that entertained, but also taught a young child’s viewer. For teenagers, a selection of short animated films from the Anfafest 2016 festival was prepared exclusively for the Children’s Festival 2017. The aim of both sections is to present children various possibilities of film and animation, to distract and to teach and motivate the audience to think. After the program, the program continued with accompanying activities from the workshop of the main organizer TRAKT and the co-organizers of KC Activities in the form of creative, creative mini workshops, where children were able to work with different art techniques and approaches. In parallel, more extensive workshops focused on graphics and other artistic studio overlays led by professional artists. Gallery M. A. Bazovsky also contributed to the program in the form of a creative photo of the workshop of luminography. Despite the more atmospheric atmosphere compared to the first year, the program was colorful and appealing to the child’s viewer. The aim of the Children’s Festival is to leave everybody positively taught and enriched not only by knowledge but also by creative and creative energy.

Main program of the 2nd year

27 June 2017 for elementary schools + public at KC HVIEZDA Trenčín (Kniezata Pribina 197/3):

Projection of short films from 9.00 to 10.00 Creative Accompanying Program from 10.00 to 10.45

27 June 2017 for Secondary Schools + Public at KC HVIEZDA Trenčín (Kniezata Pribina 197/3):

Projection of animated films TOP Anča fest 2016 from 11.00 to 12.00

Creative accompanying program from 12.00 to 12.30 Accompanying program of 2nd year | Open studios


Drotárstvo (wire making) is a craft that originated in Trenčín region. Wire wandered and repaired clay and tin pots all over Slovakia. They also sold finished products made of wire – hangers, traps, baskets, cages, but also sheet metal – brooms, funnels, breeches, metal toys, and so on. Later, the craftwork became artistic and began to produce jewelery and various ornaments to the home. What would you like to produce? Toy? Bag embroidery, bookmark, earrings, and bracelet as a gift or a flower that never grows up? In the Drotary workshop you will learn the basic technique of wringing, make a little ornament, and produce at home what you think.


Luminography is an ancient technique known as “light painting”, ie. Drawing by light. It takes light sources such as candle lights, burning torches or electric lights, but mostly in motion. Due to the long exposure made in the camera placed on the tripod, the moving lights are captured in the color trajectory. The luminogram refers to an image that was produced by exposure to photosensitive material using light without additional objects.


Graphic festival large-scale landscape was created by young Trencian graphic artist Michal Križan. But she stayed in clean, colorless graphics, and the festival children are reviving the landscape with colors. Than? Tupování. It is a paint application technique not by brush stroke but by spot painting (painting) paint to the surface. Techniques are used by artists for crawling, templates, ICE painting or wall painting.


Creative activity designed directly for primary school classes as a collective work. The team works with an A1 drawing on which the outline of known sunflower painting is pre-printed. The painting by Vincent van Gogh himself said: “I would prefer to decorate my studio with a half-sunny image of a sunflower – a gem that shines with purity on a variety of backgrounds, from green to royal blue. … It would have the same impression as the Gothic temple windows. “Children can take the finished picture with them.


Young photographer Patrik Kubizna of the Central Art School in Trenčín takes pictures in our festival photo studio. An interesting and creative activity full of fun and spontaneity. The photo on which the right moment is captured brings joy and enthusiasm. The review process will be revealed to the interested parties. The resulting children’s photos will be found last year, as well as this (after the festival) on our Festbook.


Probably few have heard about the technique called encaustics, and it’s nothing to do with it. It is painted with encaustic iron on encaustic paper. People could say that it is a technique of painting wax on paper and other materials known from ancient times. Wax painting enables creative self-realization, which is inexpensive and suitable for everyone.


Stanislav Piatrik, a Doctor of Art Studio participant, is supposed to provide space for dynamics and interactions with other children. They create and capture situations inspired by conceptual art, minimal aromas, and relationship situations. Each participant chooses only one visual tool. Drawings are depicted in the space. Each one contains one-word input. Children are alternately or paired on each floor to gradually develop into a mutual dialogue. The number of expressions depends on the number of participants (spray, fix, carbon, color tube, color labels, etc.).


Student Monika Bažalová will present graphic drawings for children’s drawings. In addition, he produces eight finished works. Together with him, his classmate Tomáš Valent exhibits classical drawing.


Interactive art is part of the art of new media. Atelier The interactivity of the young audiovisual artist and designer Pavol Soukal provides children with the opportunity to participate directly in the work. Interaction is possible with the help of computers or sensors of motion, heat, distance, pressure and the like. Children can create musical-sound collages using touch and drawings. This is an unusual fun artistic experiment.

The project financially supported the city of Trenčín, Trenčianska nadácia and Bona fem n.o. Thanks to donors and partners.