As it is

International Roma Day
Date: 10/04/2018 - 10/04/2018
Year: 2018
City: Banska Bystrica
Tags: contemporary dance
Private: Milan Kozánek
Evandro Pedroni
Zuna Kozánková
Andrej Kalinka
Ján Čief

The introduction of the Artyci Dance Company in cooperation with TRAKT “As It Is” is a continuation of the study of the Purity of Body Expression without the use of a predefined storyline. The body seeks and moves through the world and acts as an intermediary, offering constantly new changes to meanings that go far beyond the limits of physicality.

premiere / 10.4.2018 Garden – Center of Independent Culture / Námestie SNP 16, Banská Bystrica

theme, choreography, visual concept, director Milan Kozánek

co-author and artist_Evandro Pedroni

choreography assistant Zuna Kozánková

dramaturgical cooperation_Andrej Kalinka

light design_Ján Čief


Milan Kozánek

is a graduate of the Department of Dance Production at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Since graduation, she has been acting as a dance teacher, choreographer and expert advisor. He has developed his own pedagogical approach and system for more than twenty years of research and pedagogical work at institutions like the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Tanz Quartier Wien, Konservatorium Wien University / AT, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds / School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance in Freiburg / D, University of Calgary / Canada. In 1996, he founded the Artyci Dance Company together with Zuna Vesan Kozankova. For her, she created 14 dance shows, both in Slovakia and abroad (Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, Thailand, China …).

Since 2010 he has been developing intensive artistic collaboration with creators and theatrical performers who are looking for a connection between physical theater, movement, text, voice and singing. Milan has been a part of many theatrical research projects with theater artists such as Studio Matejka / PL, Teatr Piesn Kozla / PL), Res Ratio Network (GR), Med and Dust / SK). Throughout his artistic career, he has also been interested in educating people without previous physical experience, and he has been working mainly in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.


Evandro Pedroni (BR / AT)

is a performer, dancer and choreographer in Vienna. After graduating from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2013), he received a scholarship at the TanzQuartier Wien (TQW) 2013/2014 Vienna Art Center. In 2016 he received a scholarship from the Austrian Federal Office. As a dancer, he worked with artists such as Martin Nachbar, Oleg Soulimenko, Hubert Lepka, Stella Zannou, Edan Gorlicki, SETanzTheater, Akemi Takeya, Elisabeth Tambwe, Cie. Willi Dorner, La_Trottrier Dance and others.

He’s also doing his own work. For Werkstück in TQW (2016), he created the solo “In The Eye of The Beholder”. In 2017, he created “S / M – Stage / Made” in collaboration with Claire Lefèvre. Evander’s work was presented at festivals such as Imagetanz (AT), Freier Tanz Delta VI (DE), PAD – Performance Art Depot (DE), FAKI 18 (HR).


From the public sources, he supported the Arts Support Fund. We thank you.