poNOIR & Atopic

Family silver II.
Date: 05/02/2020 - 06/10/2020
Year: 2020
City: Banska Bystrica Bratislava Brezno
Tags: art and technology , contemporary dance , digital art , music , projection
Lukáš Matejka
Michaela Nezvalová
Lucia Bielik
Michaela Šeligová
Veronika Šmírová
Ján Gonda
Jozef Smutný
Matej Smutný
Katarína Hitzingerová

The idea of the ATOPIC contemporary dance performance is the theme of atopic in relation to itself and influencing the mental state based on the diagnosis of “atopic exema”.

poNOIR is a contemporary dance performance. Merging into one whole. Convergence, unification into one body, soul and thus create symbiosis. Continuity, continuity, continuity…. All that will immerse us in depth and bring us a diverse view of the reality that changes right before our eyes.

A unique fusion of two contemporary dance projects will take place:

5. 2. 2020 at the Brezno Synagogue,

20. 2. 2020 in the concert hall of the J.L.Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica,

6. 10, 2020 in Studio 12 in Bratislava, 19.00