Záhrada – Centrum nezávislej kultúry

Garden – culture center is a nonprofit organization, which initially functioned as an informal grouping of artists, cultural managers and volunteers. Moving to new premises in the garden in Beniczky passage in 2010 acquired its current name. At present, the meeting place of different people and communities. The building itself undergoing a cultural center since the beginning of the gradual reconstruction. Common space in the historic city used intermittently as a multifunctional theater studio with open dramaturgy as a rest area in the form of a city park on which the seasonal care volunteers and volunteering. Garden park also offers the possibility of organizing various events and leisure activities outdoors. The main scope of the organization is providing space for presentation and production of contemporary art and the community in the form of theater and dance performances, concerts, festivals and exhibitions, but also for their own artistic productions (theater in the garden) and education.

The garden is also home stage of the City Theatre – Theatre from the Passage, which was founded in 1995 as the only professional community theater in Slovakia working with people with physical disabilities, and currently also with other communities (eg. The Roma, immigrants, people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and i.).

The garden is also home to the civic association JUMP !, which serves as an information and residential center for contemporary dance and physical theater. Under the leadership of Slovak and foreign lecturers implements the concept of non-formal education for various candidates (workshops) in the field of contemporary dance called “how they perceive contemporary dance?”. Production is involved in the presentation of dance performances in the garden space.