Pohronska Polhora

The beginnings of the history of the village date back to 1786, when the first settlers from the eleven settlements of Horná Orava came to the territory of the current village, dealing mainly with sheep breeding, logging and carting. The reason for its establishment was often raids by bandit groups, which attacked merchants and passengers passing through the Zbojská saddle. The lowest point is the Liesková valley (600 m above sea level) and the highest point is the peak of Fabova hole at an altitude of 1441 m, which is also the highest peak of the Muránska planina micro-region. The village lives a rich cultural and social life. There is a cultural center and in the building of the municipal office there is a historical exposition of life and traditions of the inhabitants of the village.

19. April 2021


Dance-visual performance entitled CHARON is inspired by the mythological creature Charon – the ferrymen of souls, and the Joseph Campbell thesis about mythology being a power […]