Academy of Performing Arts

With 1,050 students, the Academy of Performing Arts is the largest art school in the Slovak Republic. It offers students further talent development in theater, film, music and dance study programs. It leads them to a deep penetration into the studied fields in the context of European culture, to the recognition of their specific place in Slovak culture. Leading personalities of Slovak art and culture are recruiting from VŠMU graduates. It offers its teachers to work in the very center of innovation of accredited art disciplines and enables the development of all forms of study and research through art and basic and applied research. The Academy of Performing Arts opens up space for experts from the professional sphere and thus benefits from flexible feedback to update teaching according to current professional standards. It offers the public theater and dance performances, film screenings, concerts by students and teachers and contributes to the cultivation of public space through creative reflection. It helps to maintain awareness of the national cultural expression.