Christmas composition

Myjavci Myjavcom

TRAKT realized a creative output through digital technologies within the Christmas exterier of the city of Trenčín. The Christmas composition took place in the epicenter at the Peace Square after 22nd and 23rd of December 2018. The audiovisual abstract composition is the exploration of artistic activities in the field of video-research and digital projection, which TRAKT civil society realizes regularly since 2009.

Videomapping with Christmas content was created especially on the reconstructed facade of the Piarist Church (Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier). The church is the dominant of the western part of the Peace Square and rightly belongs to the most beautiful sacred baroque monuments in Slovakia. The Trenčín church is characterized by a double-sided facade, just like the Vienna University Church and the Trnava University Church. Our non-traditional project has made use of the video wall as the main facade as well as the outstanding viewing potential during the Christmas markets in the city. The project is part of ArtLAB. From the public sources, he supported the Arts Fund and the city of Trenčín.