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Music world

The musical group MUZIKANTI presented the premiere of its new program called MUSIC WORLD, which took place on May 26, 2018 at 7 pm at Samko Dudik Culture House in Myjava. In this program, viewers could see the combination of multiple formats - music, singing, projection and dance - in the original version. They have listened to music from famous films, nostalgic Argentinean tango and French waltzes, adaptations of Russian and Hungarian folk songs.

International Roma Day

The gala evening with a rich and unique music program (April 8, 2018) is the culmination of the four-day celebration of this Roma feast organized by Ara Art. During the evening, the audience could see and listen to artists: Antonín Gondolán, Martina Balážová, Anna Slováčková, Milan Kroku and his live band and many other Roma and non-Roma singers, musicians and other guests. The theme of this year's 4th celebration is Romipen / Rome, a set of Romani cultural traditions and values and their content in today's modern times.

Embroidered tower

The pre-Christmas festival of Christmas under the castle brought Christmas concerts during the third weekend of the weekend, the children's theater, the christmas candy and the light projection from the TRAKT atelier at the Municipal tower. The rustic mishmash was an unusual combination of Ruthenian folklore and classical music, or Balkan rhythms, offered by Rusen Cendes Orchestra on Saturday night. The Saturday program closed Celeste Buckingham's youngest pop-music star with his court band King Shaolin. Lovers of good food enjoyed the Christmas turtle bunch by the Trenčín folklorists.

Festival of Light and shadow

The light and shadow festival in Banská Bystrica in 2017 marked the striking and growing interest of the broad and professional public about contemporary multi-gen art. The mass scene backdrop surpassed the organizers' expectations several times despite the cold and unfavorable weather. The festival was attended by young artists and secondary students (Central School of S. Mikovina B.Štiavnica) and high art schools (Academy of Arts BB, VŠMU Bratislava) from the fields of digital art, new media art, performance art, video art and photography.

Young art show 10

Young Art Show is an exhibition of fine arts, providing space for communication and presentation of works by young artists in the spa town of Piešťany (Slovakia). The exhibition is traditionally held in the House of Art. Apart from home artists, artists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Spain, Romania, Serbia, Estonia, Russia and the United Kingdom were also represented.

Prevalence of good

Taken together by the choreographer of Banská Bystrica Dance Studio and musical composer, he prepares a compact work combining performer performance of dancers and live artistic performance of musicians. It is born and grows in the environment in which artists live and work, and therefore reflects their life experience and attitude - a true presence. We dance instead of anger, hate, snorting, dancing instead of wars, instead of disposing one another in any way, because we paste all the passion into the sweat of our bodies.

Roma people - Leperiben

The memorial to Emila Machálkova - in front of the SNP memorial in Banská Bystrica, took place in the festival People of the Roma 2017 - Leperiben. Performed by: Pavlína Matiová, Žaneta Štipáková, Marta Balážová, Viliam Didiáš, Tibor Žida. Collaboration with the Museum of Romany Culture in Brno. Large-scale projection of the monument was prepared by Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT).

Night tours of Strečno Castle

Attractive sightseeing of Strečno Castle in a night-time atmosphere with an interesting program in the castle and underground. In these mysterious evenings, you will present stories of three women - noble Benigna, Julia Kapuletová and Žofia Bosňková. Two of them, Benigna and Žofia, lived directly on our castle, Júlia came from the Italian town of Verona. At first glance, it may seem that these women have nothing in common, but the opposite is true. All three have entered history and people's awareness, and even after many years, their lives do not cease to pay attention.

O opátovi Štefanovi

The fourth continuation of the nightly open air event The Stories from Trenčín on June 30 and July 1, 2017 offers a story about the unusual confessor Matúš Čák. Legend About Stephen's Opate, he played on the island of Trencin. At 11 locations, airborne and terrestrial acrobats, artists not only in the air and on the ground, but also on water, light and fire theater, as well as the unique projection - wall water holography from the workshop of TRAKT artists.

Extrakt festival

An evening of short concerts of experimental music, in the performance of young Slovak musicians and artists connected with transitions to the visual digital projection and contemporary dance.



6 June 2017 at 18:00 at the Worker House in Banska Bystrica.


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