Milan Kozánek

dance teacher, choreographer

Milan Kozánek graduated from the Department of Dance Production at VŠMU Bratislava. Since graduation, he has been acting as a dance teacher, choreographer and expert advisor. He has regularly worked in institutions such as the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Tanz Quartier Wien, Konservatorium Wien University / AT, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds / UK, TIP – School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance in Freiburg University of Calgary (Canada). In 1996, he founded the Artyci Dance Company together with Zuna Vesan Kozánková. For her, she created 12 dancing works, both in Slovakia and abroad (Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, Thailand, China …).

He has also collaborated with theater makers and performers such as Studio Matejka, Teatr Piesn Kozla (Wroclaw), Res Ratio Network (Athens) and Andrej Kalinka (Slovakia). In addition to working with professional dancers and actors, they have been teaching for many years to people who have no previous musical experience, especially in the Czech Republic and Poland.