Several definitions are trying to identify the meaning of "volunteering". In general we can say that the volunteering is a practise of people working for a benefit of other persons or a concrete reason without any salary for their time and servises. The volunteering is also a form of nonformal and informal education. Although you do not get any matherial reward you could acquire much more than you think. A smile on a child face, a good feeling from renovation of an old farm, a reconstruction of a castle or new friendships and life experiences could be an award for you. The resulsts of the voluntary work will be worth the effort and it has got a big meaning for the whole society.


Festival of Light and shadow

The light and shadow festival in Banská Bystrica in 2017 marked the striking and growing interest of the broad and professional public about contemporary multi-gen art. The mass scene backdrop surpassed the organizers' expectations several times despite the cold and unfavorable weather. The festival was attended by young artists and secondary students (Central School of S. Mikovina B.Štiavnica) and high art schools (Academy of Arts BB, VŠMU Bratislava) from the fields of digital art, new media art, performance art, video art and photography.

Festival of light and shadow

2nd year of the event Festival of light and shadow took place in Banská Bystrica and followed a positive feedback from the first year in 2015. In 2016 festival presented architectural and historical contexts from another perspective.

Preparation volunteer center

In Trenčín July 23, 2015 the first meeting about the establishment of volunteer centers for Trencin. Representatives of non-profit organizations, civic associations, urban institutions and representatives of the Trenčín Region have a meeting set targets and plan how to prepare the ground for the establishment of volunteer centers in the Trenčín. TRAKT there was a representative, the secretary of the association, Stefan Olis.

2MF or two million future

Consultation in case of Strategy of youth for the year 2014-2020 „2MB“ at the regional level took place under the Iuventa organization. The goal of this consultation was first of all to meet young active people and organizations, civic associations and representatives of informal groups working with youth and eneble discussion. Young people could explain their opinion for some main points: health, employment, integration of handicaps and socially weaker, culture, sport, education and another topics.

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