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During the project Artorium 2012 at Faculty of Dramatical Arts, Academy of Arts Banska Bystrica, the workshop Aktivity Vizuality took place. The lector was Boris Vitázek (TRAKT). The student of Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratisalva, talented multimedial artist too, taught the proces of work in softwere VVVV. This software interface is multiple tool, which is set to be for manipulation and synthese of motion picture – video and medial space in real time. The skills with this softwere have potential to open to young multimedial and digital artists unexplored possibilities.

Performance workshop

Performance workshop was held in April 2012 at the High School of Art in Trencin. Instructor: Michaela Bottkova, TRAKT. Stephen Olis and Lukas Matejka were assisting within the educational and managerial part. Before the workshop has begun students have prepared concepts that presented a baseline for their activities. When the activities were developed they have been performed directly within the streets of Trencin. The arts were simple, sometimes a bit superficial, but on the other hand very creative indeed.

Workshop Interactivity activities

There was a project Artorium at the FDU AU in Banska Bystrica where workshop called Activities – interactivities was held. The major tutor Boris Vitázek (BA Fine Arts) was educating the basics of the software called VVVV. The core of the workshop was focusing on the learning the basic functions of motion video, animation, production facilities and its bundling on the music.

Workshop W1

W1 Workshop was held in Uhrovec - Striebornica. The aim of the workshop is to broaden participants’ horizons and show the possibility of cooperative activities and guidance in the implementation of ideas. A main role of the workshop was a dialogue among new and older students who lead students and coach them. The important thing within this session was giving the opportunity to try out the techniques and methods of implementation that have examined the participants. The workshop was designed for three IDM labs, under the supervision of three teachers.

Videoart match vol.5

Stefan Olis & Lukas Matejka, both curators, introduced the best student videos from the V4 countries (Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic) at the event called Videoart vol.5 match, which was held on 10.06.2010 in the informal premises / Culture park in Kosice. Videoart match vol.5 was opened by the invited guest Michal Murin (Head of Studio Digital Media, FVU, the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica). He introduced us Lukas Matejka and Stefan Olis as university students, with a focus on fine arts.


PERFORM ACTION - Minifest of the Action art and performances in Banská Bystrica (Slovak National Uprising Square and Cinema “Star”) happened on May 19th, 2010. Students of the Department of Intermedia and Digital Media - FFA - Academy of Arts participated on this project. We could put this event under a certain form of happening when one day the streets literally were dominated by students from FFA in Banská Bystrica. Their actions disrupted the stereotype of a typical day in the town.

Digital media

The exhibition DIGITAL MEDIA presents the works of students of Intermedia´s athelier, which is leaded by doc. Miroslav Nicz, academical painter, and works of Digital media´s athelier, which is leaded by MgA.Michal Murin, ArtD. Pedagogues are also co-curators of the exhibition together with PhDr. Katarina Rusnkaova, PhD., head of catedra Theory and History of Fine Art at Faculty of Fine Arts (FVU) of Academy of Arts Banska Bystrica.

Workshop W3

Warhol, Workshop, War - these are the three pillars on which the workshop W3 is builted. Andy Warhol as a symbol and cooperation with the Andy Warhol 's Museum of Contemporary Art in Medzilaborce . The second cooperating institution is Gallery XXX - Miková 66. War represents video theme of the workshop, which participants can participate. 


The ArtBus is an exhibition in public transport in Banská Bystrica and Trenčín. The ArtBus presents art projects in an untraditional space - in movable bus. The exhibition presents the works of students of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. The art is in the public space. The current art is for the ticket price. The exhibition was realized in the bus, where they were mainly the objects, the installations and the photos. The selection was formed from the works of students from the Academy of Arts Banská Bystrica.

Videoart match vol.4

Club 77 (Banska Bystrica) hosted the 4th Vintage Videoart Match, under the direction of curators: Lukas Matejka and Stephen Olis.. In a pleasant environment as created in the presentation of similar activities, we had the opportunity to see and compare the work of university students from Pilsen and Bratislava.


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