Fest Anca

International Festival of Animated Films “Fest Anča” took place 18th – 22nd of June 2014 in Zilina. Matej Mazák (member of TRAKT) was the stage and projection manager, he also participated on Fest Anča ptching forum. The goal of the forum was to present Slovak animators and their new animated projects to the Slovak institutions, through which is possible to co-finance the projects – and vice versa. Also the Radio and Television of Slovakia were presented, Audiovisual Fond and Creative Europe Desk.

Kino Passage

Subway station evokes the enclosed space of a small theater. This area presents an unusual student scene from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica. The content of the videos are a variety of topics from social through minimalist interventions in public space, to gender, or just exploring your own ego. The dominant focus is on values as such ​ nevertheless, student’s native spirit of rebellion and change the world is presented as well.

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