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Nova Dubnica graffiti

Interactive art for the public space, titled Nova Dubnica graffiti, took place on June 2, 2018 at the Mierove namestie - Square in Nova Dubnica (Slovakia). Artists from the civic association TRAKT composed of Mgr. art. Lukáš Matejka, ArtD. and Pavol Soukal has prepared the concept of light projection for a unique architecture by Jiri Kroha. Spectators have the opportunity to try to create - creating visual ornaments on their own skin (using an interactive escort). Recycling of old patterns has enabled real-time viewers to fold into a new, contemporary form.


The basic idea of ​​WIRE 2017 is to stimulate socially responsible research and digitization innovations for regional development and to understand its societal impact by exploiting synergies between different EU policies to promote economic, social and territorial cohesion. In other words, understand and stimulate the positive social and economic impact of digital research and innovation on the EU's regions and its people and build a creative, social and trusted region.

Sonnets 2016

Theatrical images for 12 voices and marimba analyze the poet's soul of man. Postdramatic scene draw us into the world of the Shadow in us and outside us. Man summarize up his life in a country of singing Shadows.
Translation Ľubomír Feldek
Music Viliam Gräffinger
Musical rehearsal, conductor Jozef Chabroň
Scenography Marek Hollý
Costume designer Dáša Veselovská
New technologies and media Pavol Soukal
Implementation stage and lighting design Slavomír Šmálik

Dark Matter Spray

Two artist from TRAKT art group - Lukáš Matejka and Pavol Soukal - prepared an interactive project called Dark Matter Spray for DIG gallery in Košice. Dark Matter Spray is inspired by project Digital Graffiti. A software is using hybrid programming environment VVVV, which can connect and control digital actions with a real environment. A spray is using infrared technology and participant can create “digital dark matter” on the projection of the universe. The idea of Dark Matter Spray was initiated by college pedagogue Michal Murin.


Creative lab - creative youth

Art has gone rampant in the heart of Slovakia. We are pleased to announce that our organisation - TRAKT - is participating in the V4 Creative Youth project. These days, all team members from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have met face to face for the first time in Banska Bystrica during five days long V4 Creative Lab activity. The stage is set, site-specific research has been succesful, performances are in production and we would love to see you at the Festival of Light and Shadow, September 30th – October 1st in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.


In late May, viewers could experience the dance-theater performance with elements of digital projection PRA(C)H - DUST in English. The young choreographer and director Radoslav Piovarči of Liptov region create a performance full of faces, tenderness, passion, and humility taming a combination of dance students Private Conservatory in Liptovský Hrádok with new image-visual media of the third millennium.


The first animated feature movie since the establishment of Slovak Republic was created by InOut studio. Director Jakub Króner used well known characters from his popular tv and web cartoon show LokalTV. Matej Mazák, member of TRAKT, participated as an animator of supporting characters. Movie premiered on 18th June, 2015.

Green heart

The member of TRAKT, Štefan Oliš, took part in August at international workshop in France. Together with other participants (Matej Ivan, Linda Van Dalen, Chris Kirchnerová, Adam Slezák, Lucia Moravčíková, Vladimíra Hradecká, Paula Ďurinová) he worked on several performances in picteresque town of Miramas near Marseille. People from France, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkya and Italy were working on the performances, which consists dance, theater and singing.

Nomads land Praha

TRAKT (SK) and Mamapapa (CZ) took part in the December residence "Nomads Land" in Prague. The area of DIVUS SPACE was for artists the base and working studio, from where they had realized field studies of the locations. Task of the artists Tomas Žižka, Michaela Bottková and Lukas Matejka was to create beam art projections in Prague public space. Designed visuals artists represent as a direct reactions to memory of events in January 1969, around the personality of Jan Palach.

H&M Residence Budapest

TRAKT (Michaela Bottková) spent the second weekend of November in Budapest, Hungary, where she joined the ongoing dance workshop and a choreographic residency of the Hopes and Memories project. Participants had during these 10 days opportunity to work on a common choreography, and gain knowledge of their different approaches. They also worked at conceptual basis-motion line for the final project Hopes and Memories.


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