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Children's Festival: Open Studio

The 2nd year of the Children's Festival with the main theme "OPEN STUDIO" was held on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at the premises of KC Hviezda Trenčín on Tuesday morning. The Children's Festival was held under the auspices of the vice-presidents of the town of Trenčín Ján Forgác and Patrik Žák. The focus of the festival was the film section for elementary schools focused on creative formal processing of short films that entertained, but also taught a young child's viewer.

Festival detí

2nd to 4th June 2016, the first edition of the multi-genre Children's Festival was held in Trenčín, whose central theme for this year became the film world. The supporting theme of the festival is to pay homage to Eduard Schreiber, who made the first Slovak film in the nearby town of Lednice Rovne 120 years ago. Viewers could enjoy cinematographic works through several film screenings at the Army House (ODA) and Artkine Metro. They have enjoyed internationally popular films such as Little Prince, as well as Slovak animated and short films designed for the child's viewer.

Through the eyes of a film director

Visitors Artkino Metro in Trencin to 8 January 2016 a night of student films the Academy of Arts see three images of young filmmaker Elizabeth "Harry" Gavendová (TRAKT) that smiles and poetically through the camera captures the image of people and the environment, native Opatová near Trencin. A recent graduate of documentary production at the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica offers document about Aunt Katarina Cacková that weaves carpets, embroidered costumes, life does not lose optimism and actively participates in the cultural life Opatová Aunt Katarina.

Festival of light and shadow

Festival of light and shadow with the tagline Light and shadow in the art and science not only brightened the historic center of Banská Bystrica city, but also its surroundings. Civic associations Cultural Slovakia and TRAKT in collaboration with partners, prepared the deadline on 11 and 12 December 2015 always after dark light show. Spectators could himself for two nights on a 12 selected locations and see them on 19 unique projects. Section SHADOW roofed and astronomers young visual artists in the section LIGHT create multimedia works.

Films in atelier

The cinema in Považska Bystrica had been operating for more than 50 years. Causing by new technology on digital screening, it was closed in 2012 and people from the town have to travel to cities around there. Moreover, some other cultural institutions in the town have been closed recently. Thanks to these circumstances, people of Povazska Bystrica started to take care for culture production by themselves, creating new associations. One of those is new film club FILMS IN ATELIER, created on April 15, 2013 in renovated building of school of arts.

Kino Passage

Subway station evokes the enclosed space of a small theater. This area presents an unusual student scene from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica. The content of the videos are a variety of topics from social through minimalist interventions in public space, to gender, or just exploring your own ego. The dominant focus is on values as such ​ nevertheless, student’s native spirit of rebellion and change the world is presented as well.

Hour of Video Art

Projection of current student video art was held in Trencin synagogue. The event took place on 26 9th 2011 within days of Trencin. Musical guest: Flaming flowers. The main program as the name implies the projection of video art student. Topic videos were interpersonal relationships, body and flesh, political issues, social issues, environment. The curatorial selection was aimed at the lay audience to understand video many times with ironic or satirical undertones. Fire breaks revive music flowers that using drums, bongos and deejeridi campaign peculiar atmosphere of the area synagogues.

Night night'10

All art lovers could enjoy the multimedia art show called “Night night'10 “ if they came to the East Slovakia Gallery on Alžbeta Street and Hlavná Street in Košice on the occasion of the International Day of Museums and Galleries. 

Videoart match vol.4

Club 77 (Banska Bystrica) hosted the 4th Vintage Videoart Match, under the direction of curators: Lukas Matejka and Stephen Olis.. In a pleasant environment as created in the presentation of similar activities, we had the opportunity to see and compare the work of university students from Pilsen and Bratislava.

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