Animation workroom

Animation is a way of creating seemingly moving things. Animation = revival. Who is the animation workshop designed for? Children aged 6-14 years in particular (older but interested parties or parents may also participate). What do you learn about the workshop? At the workshop, we are devoted exclusively to the manual technique of animation. You will use your creativity to create a short animated movie. The animation principle is a record of the sequential sequencing of the images.

A film evening with Marek Janičík

Audiences of Artkino Metro in Trenčín could see three films of young documentary filmmaker Marek Janičík (TRAKT) on 13 March 2016. He comes from Považská Bystrica, currently living in
Nová Dubnica. Marek Janičík presented two of his student films and a recent film portrait of an Olympic medal winner Janko Zachar. Janičík's films Sisyphus and Cinema World were awarded at several Slovak and foreign film festivals. He is currently working as a documentary filmmaker for Czech television and preparing a project for RTVS, which will be broadcast at the end of 2016.

Through the eyes of a film director

Visitors Artkino Metro in Trencin to 8 January 2016 a night of student films the Academy of Arts see three images of young filmmaker Elizabeth "Harry" Gavendová (TRAKT) that smiles and poetically through the camera captures the image of people and the environment, native Opatová near Trencin. A recent graduate of documentary production at the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica offers document about Aunt Katarina Cacková that weaves carpets, embroidered costumes, life does not lose optimism and actively participates in the cultural life Opatová Aunt Katarina.

About Očova

The member of TRAKT and a documentary filmmaker Marek Janičík made a 30-minute documentary called „Cinema World“ 3 years ago. It is a film about one of last classic (motion picture) cinemas in Slovakia that was in operation for over 60 years. However, the parish council was forced to close the cinema due to lack of finance in order to digitize its film projector. In fact, this is how more than 70% of classic cinemas ceased to exist. Being depicted in the documentary, this tragicomic story was brought to fame and was well-received at international film festivals.

Films in atelier

The cinema in Považska Bystrica had been operating for more than 50 years. Causing by new technology on digital screening, it was closed in 2012 and people from the town have to travel to cities around there. Moreover, some other cultural institutions in the town have been closed recently. Thanks to these circumstances, people of Povazska Bystrica started to take care for culture production by themselves, creating new associations. One of those is new film club FILMS IN ATELIER, created on April 15, 2013 in renovated building of school of arts.


PERFORM ACTION - Minifest of the Action art and performances in Banská Bystrica (Slovak National Uprising Square and Cinema “Star”) happened on May 19th, 2010. Students of the Department of Intermedia and Digital Media - FFA - Academy of Arts participated on this project. We could put this event under a certain form of happening when one day the streets literally were dominated by students from FFA in Banská Bystrica. Their actions disrupted the stereotype of a typical day in the town.

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