Night tours of Strečno Castle

Attractive sightseeing of Strečno Castle in a night-time atmosphere with an interesting program in the castle and underground. In these mysterious evenings, you will present stories of three women - noble Benigna, Julia Kapuletová and Žofia Bosňková. Two of them, Benigna and Žofia, lived directly on our castle, Júlia came from the Italian town of Verona. At first glance, it may seem that these women have nothing in common, but the opposite is true. All three have entered history and people's awareness, and even after many years, their lives do not cease to pay attention.

TEDx Trenčín - Resonance

On the 1st October 2016, one interesting event was held on the Trenčín castle and TRAKT was officially video recording the special ideas presented there. 13 speakers from fields of science, art, design or psychology and almost 200 enthusiastic participants came and also attented activities, which strongly resonated. An unforgettable experience from this event just strengthened the magic atmosphere of the most beautiful place in Trenčín.  How did TEDx 2016 look?

Resonance at each corner

TEDx Trenčín - in Wonderland

Saturday's autumn morning October 3, 2015 at the Trencin castle was sunny and alive. He opens there because the second annual conference of the prestigious TEDx Trenčín and braces was there. The main program were 13 lectures speakers from the fields of art, science, psychology, technology and design. Great atmosphere for a while created a community of more than hundreds of people who were in charge of one positive energy.

Art Spectrum

In the exhibition spaces barracks in the area of ​​Trencin Castle met non-professional artists on the occasion of the nationwide assessment of preliminary contests Art Spectrum 2015 announces a special guarantee whole event was National Cultural Centre with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. Into fine range of 2015 a total of 382 enrolled impressive art works from 206 non-professional artists from all over Slovakia. The opening exhibition jury has recommended to 111 of them, from 84 authors.


Have annually at the turn of the holidays and the summer place at Saris Castle multi-genre festival film night at the castle. The festival is organized by our partner an association of Eastern Slovakia - A new film. The fifth edition was marked by the "street art".

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