H&M Residence Wroclaw

Lukas Matejka (TRAKT), Tomas Zizka (Mamapapa) and Agnieszka Ćwieląg attended residency in Wroclaw. Artists were participating and Avant Art Festival, and by night walked to the foot all locations and discovered as much local characteristics as was possible. They later prepared beamvertising projection with the motive of  Jan Meyerowitz. Due to the composer was born in Breslau and nobody there known about them, visual team made him alive and screened him as a ghost - walking along the facades of the buildings, especially in the fourth Olbin.

Beamvertising, Divadelna Nitra

TRAKT participated at the International Theatre Festival Nitra 2013 with the project Beamvertising forthright in the streets of Nitra. Projections especially prepared for this festival, have attracted residents of Nitra mainly in the pedestrian area, as well as in a Klokočina neighbourhood.  

Projections from a moving vehicle was possible to see as a part of  the additional program of the festival 27th September 2013 (Friday evening) and also 28th September 2013  during  the White Night.


Digital city

We decided to organize project Digital City because of the need to bring the trends of contemporary fine art among young people in Trencin. This idea is also identic with the main goal of Ofca platform. Ofca should cover similar activities. The intention of Ofca is to zoom high art to laic audience and to show him, that the art is also fun and it is possible to percept it in an easy way.

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