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H&M Residence Budapest

TRAKT (Michaela Bottková) spent the second weekend of November in Budapest, Hungary, where she joined the ongoing dance workshop and a choreographic residency of the Hopes and Memories project. Participants had during these 10 days opportunity to work on a common choreography, and gain knowledge of their different approaches. They also worked at conceptual basis-motion line for the final project Hopes and Memories.

H&M Residence Wroclaw

Lukas Matejka (TRAKT), Tomas Zizka (Mamapapa) and Agnieszka Ćwieląg attended residency in Wroclaw. Artists were participating and Avant Art Festival, and by night walked to the foot all locations and discovered as much local characteristics as was possible. They later prepared beamvertising projection with the motive of  Jan Meyerowitz. Due to the composer was born in Breslau and nobody there known about them, visual team made him alive and screened him as a ghost - walking along the facades of the buildings, especially in the fourth Olbin.

H&M Residence Prague

The second largest meeting of the project Hopes and Memories, with the participation of partners from all five participating countries (South Africa, France, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia) took a place in the third week of September (20 - 25.9) in Prague studios DIVUS SPACE, on the land of ours host partners Mamapapa.

H&M Residence Durban

As part of an international project Hopes and Memories, in which TRAKT represents one of the five partner organizations, our visual team will be participate for two years on a common formation of multidisciplinary of artwork that is based on prohibited opera "The Barrier" composed by Jan Meyerowitz in, 1949.

Musiques interdites

One of the activities related to the international project Hopes and Memories, where is TRAKT collaborator, was Festival of forbidden operas “Musiques Interdites” as one of the main projects of Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013. TRAKT as a partner apart from invitations (to hear the original opera The Barrier, performed by unique 72-members KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra), was also element of this performance through photographic participation.

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