With the strand until the morning

The cultural house in Opatovce nad Nitrou has come to life with a ball. With the source up to the morning, such name has been the eighth year of the ball, which is organized by civic association Opatov Source with the support of the municipality. They played bands, Vertigo, Aca people, the audience saw a show from the multimedia performance of Ľudovít and the performance of the magician Talostan not only with bubbles. The projection was provided by Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT).


Cinematik VJ

10th International Film Festival Cinematik held traditionally 10. - 15. September 2015 in the Slovak spa town of Piestany in many movie theaters. Festival besides quality films brought viewers and accompanying events in the form of many concerts. ŽiWell Cinematik bar was situated directly in front of the House of Arts, which welcomed the band and DJ (Huzika, Floating Planets, DJ Gonzo, The Bright Eye, Wosa2000 DJ, DJ Tamal, Lem or Modré hory). House of Art shone projection of interiors and exteriors.

Bratislava Design Week

TRAKT member Pavol Soukal, a design student at the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava, attended with his interactive installation at the exhibition Bratislava Design Week 2015. Project MIX BOX, was part of the award-winning collection of design subject to copyright under the leadership of doc. Mgr. art. Silvia Jokelová and assistant Mgr. art. Silvia Lovásová.

Illumination of Advent

For the December event ‘Magic of Christmas in Trenčín artists Lukas Matejka (TRAKT) and Pavol Soukal created visual mapping projections, particular for a symbol of Trenčín - City Tower. White facade of a historic building provides an ideal projection screen for theirs mapping. The diversity of structure filled artists by advent Christmas motives. The project titled "Illuminations Advent" had its premiere last advent weekend – 21th December 2013 (Saturday) and then a day later reprise 22th December 2013 (Sunday).


Lighting Up the Wonders of the Elements. In its third edition, SKYWAY ’11 draws the analogy between the richness of the experience that light based art delivers and wonders of the world opened up through our understanding of the Elements of the Universe. The classical four elements – Earth, Water, Air, and Fire – are common to many philosophical traditions around the world and form powerful metaphors of forces fundamental to life on Earth.

Cinematik videomapping

Lukas Matejka and Boris Vitázek both TRAKT members, prepared videomapping projections for the international film festival Cinematik in Piestany (Slovakia). Projection light was screening on the interesting architecture of the House of Arts. This show took place every evening throughout the festival. Projection was screened from Bar Caribic, which was situated in opposition to the House of Arts. Screening took place a few days at the certain intervals.

Datatok - Divadelna Nitra

TRAKT prepared mapping-project before Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, Slovakia. VJ nonlinear event > abstract lighting to building Andrej Bagar Theatre.

Idea and concept: Lukas Matejka, TRAKT. Realization: Boris Vitázek, TRAKT. Support: Štefan Oliš, TRAKT

Bare feet

Bare feet symbolizes the life of dancer touching his nature through the floor. To understand ourselves in the real world more deeply we need basis created by society and life in it. Performance highlights life of contemporary youth and young who seek, desire, dream and live unbound emotions. Performance mixed with many different dance styles was premiered in Bratislava City Theatre – the theatre of Pavol Orzságh Hviezdoslav on 5th June 2015.

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