Festival od Light and Shadow 2018
Christmas composition

In the eastern Slovak town of Gelnica, in the industrial areas of Fabrika Antony (ul. Turzovska 17), a vernissage of the exhibition of artist Mgr. art. Lukáš Matejku, ArtD. and Mgr. art. Štefan Oliša. They both use digital media in their free arts, they work with interactive installations and video cards. At the exhibition called … TRAKTATY / TRACTATE, the viewers were just a micro-choice from their video art production.

As can be seen from the title, both authors are members and founders of TRAKT, a trainers’ organization, with which the Settler Corner organizer cooperates at the Gelnica Iluminace Festival. Likewise, the term TRACTATE, like reflection or debate, mirrors the thinking of authors reflecting the surrounding reality. The public support event was supported by the Arts Support Fund.