Marek Janičík

Marek Janičík studied screenwriting and dramaturgy and later documentary direction. During his studies he took his success with short films Sisyphus (2011) and a year later with the film World Cinema (2012). Both film projects brought him a number of awards from domestic and from international film festivals, as well as national film prize IGRIC - for best student film in Slovakia in 2012. After finishing high school he went to Marek Janičík working as a freelance artist and devoted mainly of advertising. At the same copyright accounted for Slovak Television and Slovak Radio, the Czech Television and also for Schemnitz Gallery in Banská Štiavnica, which for two years co-operative preparation of a series of documentary portraits of Slovak artists. As a director of documentary films present in the Czech Television today.

It is also Janičík Marek co-organizer of several cultural events such as the Festival Považie mountains, traveling and sports HOROMILFEST in Považská Bystrica and Festival of children in Trencin. He also worked as a program editor of the International Film Festival Early Melons in Bratislava, the jury of the International Film Festival Envirofilm in Banska Bystrica and collaborated with the festival of humor and satire Kremnica gags. In the years 2013 - 2015 led Považská Bystrica film club called Movies in the studio.

To this day the author Marek Janičík 40-ers documentaries and portraits, has more than 30 promotional videos and commercials, three video clips (the singer Simona Martausová) and two theatrical director. A large part of his work is associated with a cameraman and director Peter Kováč. Dramaturgy at their twenties documentaries for five filmmakers, with several films in which co ,, were awarded at international film festivals (eg. Mercúň film - dir. Martin Jurza - 1st International Film Festival Mountains and the city of Bratislava).

In addition to the film Marek Janičík dedicated to the literary and educational activities, as well as working with children and youth. He is the author of a book for children called Tourist diary that helps children learn about the monuments and natural Trencin region. Currently, Marek Janičík also works as a teacher of private primary schools in Nova Dubnica, where students teach media education and film and journalistic ring. Thanks to the knowledge that is obtained when working with children and youth, highlights the risks associated with existing media (TV, Internet) and their perception through children. Thanks to the worldwide campaign LITTER LESS program and Young Reporters for the Environment in turn educate young filmmakers and reporters. Marek Janičík as instructor led or participated in several film workshops and workshops (Film Night at the Castle - Prešov, professional lecturer project MOVIE 21 - Film Festival Košice, festival workshop Frejm...)

Nová Dubnica

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