Alžbeta Harry Gavendová

Elizabeth "Harry" Gavendová graduated from the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica, the first bachelor's degree in the field of Documentary Film and. Creation "in a drawer" but it bored and accurate within the master's degree in Documentary Film and Director. During the school had participated in international workshops One minute film junior, she worked several times abroad in tourism and spent a semester at the Erasmus in film school in Portugal. Tales of the wheel less and graduation film Scarecrow took on the domestic and international festivals, where they won a few awards (Cineama Banská Bystrica, Golden Beggar, Envirofilm, TUR Ostrava, Ljubljana Film Festival, Duka Fest Bosnia and Herzegovina).

After graduation (2011) has lived and worked for a year in Mallorca in a photo studio film Showtime in 1922, which there with classmate Beáta Gachulincova built. After returning to Slovakia he worked externally for TA3 television as a presenter and writer shows the world of technology. It is currently working as a video journalist for technology-oriented web In addition, to produce smaller documentaries, mostly focused on the traditions and customs of their region.

Trenčín, Bratislava

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